Started Day: May 4, 2021


About Us

Our story

If we look back at the beginning of our experience as investors in Bitcoin, we had a hard time, due to all of the challenges in an unknown investment environment. The lack of reliable information, the uncertainty, the volatility of the market, and our close-to-zero experience were some of the hurdles that we overcame.

Volzor has always been a transformational leader. Our founders have worked in both large corporations and startups, finding success wherever they went. Our life mission: “Give to everyone the same opportunity in life” fuels us in our businesses. We just realized how much time was needed to learn and understand this new investment opportunity. We saw a need to automate and democratize access to sophisticated investment products.

Volzor’s challenge, as crypto investment platform, was the ability to remove emotions out of our strategy. We want our investors to know that if they could have a tool that automatically sets up our strategy and takes care of their investment, they could spend more time with their wife and kids, knowing that someone else is working for their family’s wealth. If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money.

Volzor makes investors’ lives easier. Through our secure and innovative platform we provide a solution to get into the crypto market without having to go through a long learning process. And now that we’ve bolstered our team with experience, we offer a proven strategy designed to help you invest in crypto more wisely, without any added hassle.
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